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Traxstar Music Group is an independently owned, African American production label founded in 2021 by "King Mydas", chief executive officer and executive producer. The label's affiliate artists are going to be among the most popular in the music industry. Traxstar’s success as an independent production company is virtually undeniable and unparalleled.            


Traxstar Music Group offers “shopping deals” to unsigned artist under which they would have a limited time to find a suitable label deal for the artist. Traxstar is all about the artist. The artist comes FIRST and will be under the guidance and protection of TMG.

“Traxstar is going to be the label of the FUTURE. No other label is doing what I am trying and going to do. We are going to support Hip Hop, R&B and Pop artist…come 1, come all. None of my artist will sound the same, look the same or feel the same. Traxstar is a family before anything else.” - King Mydas


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Mizz Skyy has announced her first TMG single: “Where U Been.”


Mizz Skyy is an artist with a focus on creating a catchy and personal sound, which combines the emotional flow of R&B with the appeal of pop.


Recently, the artist set out to release a brand new track, an exciting single titled “Where U Been.”


This song hits the mark, not only in terms of production, but also when it comes to its execution, which is perhaps the most important aspect of any song or album as a whole. This new release is a great example of the artist’s amazing story and personality and incredible variety. In addition to being a singer, Mizz Skyy is also a fast-rising acting star and model, who continues to make new fans and spread her enthusiasm and passion with the world. Instead of being stuck in a box, she uses her creativity to keep growing as an artist, taking her vision to the next level and sharing powerful stories and messages with her artistry. In her own words, “Since a very young age, I was always so excited to share to my love for music with others around me.” Not many artists shows such a life-long level of passion and commitment for their music!


Mizz Skyy’s vocals in particular are inspired, direct and exciting, with a very dynamic feel and a stunning tone that sounds very charismatic and loaded with personality. In addition to that, the sound of this release has a smooth, balanced tone, which really makes the audience think of some of the very best modern R&B music out there.


In conclusion, Mizz Skyy’s music is definitely going to be a great new discovery for any R&B fan out there, or for anyone who enjoys forward-thinking quality music with personality! Mizz Skyy is a very eclectic performer who really has a knack for thinking outside the box and creating music that defies genre definitions and barriers.


Find out more about Mizz Skyy, and don’t miss out on “Where U Been” or other releases from this artist! Her music is currently available on all of the best digital music streaming services.

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